wie aku rindu aku kat kowg semua .
syafiq aku rindu nk tngok kau melatah . dan aku rindu nk gigit kau lgy . hahaa *kiding
mus lak . aku rindu nk tngok gelagat kau dgn aeda . 
aeda aku rindu nk kau memekak kat aku dan khai . 
rizal aku rindu nk borak2 dgn kau . 
semua aku rindu . gaba kita tak lengkap kan sebb khai tak de . 
yg ade syafiq , mus , aeda , rizal and aku .
tanpa khai kumpulan kita tak lengkap kan . 
aku rindu lha kowg semua . 
nk lepak dgn kowg lgy sengal . 

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aeda said...

What is a friend?
A friend is someone who you think your life
would be different if they didn't exist.
A friend is someone who never leaves you out.
You are always inluded when you are with them.
A friend is there for you, no matter what. And I love all my girls, so much!

Thank you for our relationship. For it means so much to me!
Your kindness and understanding and loving ways you share so free.
Thank you for being beside me, when I needed someone that cared.
And thank you for all your loyalty, for the times together we shared.

I don't need words to express, I don't need tears to shed.
I don't need to ask for a smile. All I need is to be your friend, forever!
And thanks for being my friend, thanks for being there when I needed.
Most of all, thanks for everything! Hearts, xoxoxoxoxo <3

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